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Special Cleaning Services

Special Cleaning Services

Auto & Boat Interiors

Our cleaning service for auto and boat interiors concentrates on the fabric side of your boat or auto – seats, carpet, cushions, draperies and floor mats. We use the hot water extraction method to clean these materials, which uses heat, pressure and a high powered vacuum.

Water Damage

Water damage from a water heater leak, storm damage from rain or snow, toilet overflow, or washing machine miscue, can lead to serious issues in your home or office. If the pad under your carpet becomes wet, it requires special care to correct the problem before mold and mildew occur. We have special products, equipment and experience to clean up your water damage before it turns into a larger issue.

Pet Odor and Stain

Pets are high on the family tree, but often create unwanted odors and stains. We have extensive experience in dealing with pet odors and stains and can provide the best solution for your problem.


Rust Stains, Coffee Stains, Red Dye Stains, Furniture Stains, Paint, Ink and Oil Stains are situations we run into every day on the job. We carry the best products to remove these stubborn problems.

Flea & Tick Control

We provide solutions for Flea and Tick Control, when you need it, and also in cases where the landlord specifies this treatment after you vacate your apartment to satisfy the lease requirements.

Anti-Microbial Products

We provide Anti-Microbial Products to control situations that require treatment, such as water damage, sewage overflow, and other accidents. Our anti-microbial products kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.

Stain Protector

Stain Protector is offered after every job. Stain Protectors are designed to help preserve your carpet and furniture.

Special Cleaning Services

Have a special cleaning need? We offer many cleaning products and services for removal of pet odors, mildew, stains and more.

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