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Carpet Cleaning Over 20 Years In Business!

In order to service the various needs of our customers, we offer a variety of cleaning methods for carpet cleaning. The most popular method used is referred to as hot water extraction. This is provided through a van with equipment built into the van. The van is capable of cleaning carpet 200 feet from the van location using heat, pressure and high powered vacuum. The carpets are damp when completed and are dry within the same day of cleaning.

To service the apartment, hi-rise customers as well as commercial customers where security is an issue, a portable extractor is used. Although the portables are not as powerful as van mount, they do provide excellent cleaning results with the same hot water extraction.

The method used for customers where moisture is a critical is called "encapsulation." This method, which has been popular in Europe, features a special pre-spay application to the carpet followed by a revolving brush machine which agitates the carpet, encapsulates the soil and is dry in an hour. This method is popular for senior living care and other special needs where walk on traffic is critical upon completion. This method is sometimes used along with hot water extraction where heavy soiling is a problem.

Oriental & Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs require special care due to the product characteristics of wool and the dyes used to enhance the patterns and colors of rugs. Some rugs may be cleaned on site in the home but many rugs are removed and cleaned in our shop to preserve the wool finish and patterns. The rugs business has become popular as more customers enjoy the look of rugs over hard wood floors in their homes.

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